Care Tips

Our beachwear pieces are thoughtfully designed to be worn season after season and said that, we have chosen our fabrics for it's perfect combination of quality and durability. To keep your pieces in pristine condition, please follow our care instructions listed below:

  • Remove all detachable trims before washing;
  • Wash in fresh cold water with a neutral PH soap as soon as possible after wearing (wash inside out for embellished and printed styles);
  • Gently work the soapy water through the entire piece and make sure to rinse thoroughly in cold water until all soap is gone;
  • Lay the bikini flat to dry in the shade, away from light color fabrics and towels, do not wring out. Never, ever wash your suit in the washing machine, even on the delicate/hand-wash cycle.
  • To prevent discoloration or damage from sunscreen, lotions and chlorine, always rinse off your bikinis with cold water, after the use.
  • Any rough surface can pull and snag the fabric.
  • Tie dye and neon pieces, can and will release tint after a couple uses.